corporate philosophy

we produce not only product, but also care.

corporate mission

provide a new rehabilitation product for the socially disadvantaged groups  that is safe, comfortable, light, and effectively solves the user's physical distress.

brand personality

the perfect fusion of medicine, engineering and aesthetics

behavior of principles

positive attitude, frank communication, focus on details,  work harder than others.

product safety case

in order for you to use this product more safely, the following must be noted
(besides the following precautions, please also observe the precautions described in the product's instruction manual)

do not put a part of your body, such as your fingers, in the gap between wheelchair parts, wheels, and frame.

when the inserted finger cannot be pulled out, moving the wheel or other parts of the wheelchair may cause injury.

when changing the seat, the caregiver must take care not to touch the body of the passenger.

有时会受sometimes it is hurt unexpectedly.

please do not stand on the foot support (pedal) of the wheelchair.

not only will the product be damaged, but also the danger of falling.

when leaving the wheelchair, make sure that the left and right brakes are locked.

when the passenger leaves the wheelchair and the brakes are not locked, there is a risk of a fall or abnormal movement of the wheelchair.

please do not hold the tire to move the wheelchair.

if you hold the tire and move forward, your fingers may be caught in the gap between the brake pad and the tire, and you may be injured. the correct way is to hold the handrail of the wheelchair.

when unfolding the wheelchair, do not put your hands beside and under the seat cushion tube rack.

it may happen that your hands or fingers are caught in the middle of the frame and cause injury.

examples of emergency and special situations

avoid accidents due to improper use-matters needing attention


the brake device has forgotten to lock, resulting in a fall

the brake foot support part hangs the leg and falls

the tire pressure is insufficient, the wear and brake failure


suddenly stand up and fall down

step fall

hit the steps and fall

bare feet hit the wall and injured

fll down and fall forward

fall down and uphill

the slope fall sideways, turn and fall


bump into road tooth and fall

pavement gutter stuck wheelchair wheel

the gap in the railway is stuck to the universal wheel


the wheelchair is used in an inappropriate place, the body is unbalanced and falls
wheelchair brake failure glide stuck to the groove and fall
caregiver negligence causes rider to lose balance and fall