nano mist head spa can clean your hair and scalp with pure water.
the nano mist head spa can effectively and quickly remove the pores and deep dirt in the skin gap that are difficult to be removed by ordinary shampoo. it also has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on scalp folliculitis.

amazing cleaning power of nano mist head spa
nano mist head spa allows ultra-fine particles to penetrate the pores and clean the dirt in the scalp voids. it can wash away the dirt without shampoo. by mixing nano mist, dirt that was difficult to wash thoroughly can be washed away. studies have shown that nano mist have better cleaning ability than traditional shampoos and conditioner.


both hair and body can be washed through nano mist.
nano mist head spa can be used for hair and body at the same time, which can effectively save the service time and energy of the caregiver.