giant partnership ,zhongjin medical& lianzongzhida become strategic investment partners

release time: 2012-04-25   visited: 144

since april 2012, zhongjin medical which is committed to the development of the health and well-being of the middle-aged and the elderly, has established a cooperative relationship with lianzongzhida, a leading brand of domestic management consulting,china medical consulting project has been promoted in an orderly and effective manner. with the deepening of cooperation and understanding between the two sides, and their common optimism on the cause of rehabilitation, conservation and well-being of the middle-aged and elderly, zhongjin medical and lianzhong zhida hit it off on strategic investment and marketing trusteeship cooperation. two sides decided to expand and upgrade their strategic cooperative relationship again.


  at 16:00 on august 10, 2012, wang erqi-ceo of zhongjin medical, arrived at lianzongzhida building on time with his family, executives and marketing team of zhongjin group, and attended the "signing ceremony of strategic investment and cooperation of zhongjin medical - lianzongzhida" and the reception.。

  at 16:58, the "investment and cooperation. signing ceremony" officially kicked off. wang erqi-ceo of zhongjin medical and mr. he mu, ceo of lianzong zhida, respectively signed the "marketing trusteeship service contract" and "strategic investment" "agreement", and delivered enthusiastic speeches on the cooperation background of the two parties and the future of working together, determined to build "zhongjin kanglu" into the leading channel brand and consumer brand in china's rehabilitation and maintenance products market.


  also invited to participate in this ceremony were dr. yang qingtao and his wife, investment director of shanghai fosun pharmaceutical (group) co., ltd., mr. jiang yinghua and his wife, general manager of feilun capital, and mr. wang enshun, senior partner of dacheng law firm; lian zongzhi the marketing consulting education group also attended the signing ceremony with mr. chen sheng, executive vice president, ms. xu fengjiao, vice presidents, and mr. xue baofeng, mr. li zhengquan, partner of lianzong zhida and director of china medical projects.