building the health and well-being of the middle-aged and elderly, zhongjiankanglu project would be starting

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on april 19, 2012, zhongjin medical and lianzongzhida jointly built the zhongjin medical project for the health and well-being of the middle-aged and the elderly, which were starting in changzhou flower and bird garden. wang erqi-ceo of zhongjin medical, xue baofeng-vp of lianzongzhida group and project members attended the meeting.


  the rehabilitation industry, which provides help for the healthy life of the middle-aged and elderly, still belongs to the sunrise industry in our country. with the deepening of social aging, the rehabilitation industry is also facing huge market opportunities and challenges. as the most advanced middle-aged medical equipment manufacturer in china, zhongjin medical hopes to make a magnificent turn from "the advanced product manufacturer of china's old-age rehabilitation industry" to "the comprehensive service provider of china's old-age rehabilitation industry" through the professional cooperation of lianzhong zhida.

  at the project launch meeting, as an export-oriented medical equipment manufacturer, wang erqi-ceo of zhongjin medical looked forward to the vision of the domestic market and expressed her expectation of cooperation with lianzhong zhida. xue baofeng-vp of lianzhong zhida group, expressed an exclusive opinion on the brand naming and positioning of zhongjin medical, which was approved by mr. wang. in addition, the two sides also discussed in detail the industry situation, competition pattern and sales channels of the rehabilitation industry, and reached a consensus on the work arrangements for internal visits and external transfers.

  shanghai lianzhong zhida marketing consulting co., ltd., is a comprehensive consulting service organization with the core of helping enterprises to improve their main performance. it has 9 holding subsidiaries and 2 business departments, and has set up overseas institutions in taiwan, new york and other places, with an elite team of more than 300 consulting experts. so far, it has served more than 50 industries and more than 500 enterprises, has become the professional consulting service organization with the largest scale, the widest influence and the best service performance in china's consulting industry, and has become one of the most credible consulting service organizations in china. among them, marketing consulting has become the first brand in china, and management consulting has become the leading brand. we believe that with the cooperation of lianzhong zhida zhongjin medical project, zhongjin medical will certainly become the most landmark enterprise in the history of the health and well-being of the middle-aged and elderly.